Best of... Podcasts

2015 was, for me, the year of the Podcast. I am a longtime listener to a number of podcasts, but this year I upped my listening game.

Here's a run down of my favourite ones (In no particular order):

Number 1: Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's Film Review Show

Hosted by BBC Radio 5 Live (I think.. Mark always confuses me) and also known as Wittertainment, this show will fufill all your Grown-men-wittering-about-films needs. My OH - Himself Indoors - introduced me to this podcast in the early months of our relationship *mumble* years ago. It's a wonderful discussion of film, culture, mise en scene and in-show memes (Hello to Jason Isaacs) and deserves a place in any generic podcasting app.

Number 2: Welcome to Nightvale

If you are not already listening to this podcast I am shocked.. shocked I tell you. Where else are you going to learn about menacing government agencies and the sheriff's secret police.

NightVale is a sleepy town in the middle of a desert somewhere in America (well we presume America.. but who realty knows). There are no mountains, or angels.. but there are scientists with glorious hair. You should listen to this podcast. The Glow Cloud tells you too.

Number 3: Again With This: Beverly Hills 90210 edition

This is the podcast you never knew you needed.. but you do need it. You need a bi-weekly podcast that breaks down each episode of Beverly Hills 90210 in all its Brandon & Brenda soaked glory. If, like me, you were a teenager in the early nineties this show is for you.. tryst me.. It's for YOU.  

Number 4: Pop Culture Happy Hour

How did I hear about Again With This you ask?? Pop Culture Happy Hour folks.. My favourite NPR show.. If you want a panel show on current pop culture, I heartily recommend this one. It's funny, warm and discusses pop culture with a nerdy joy that I wholly approve of. 

Number 5: Tea and Jeopardy with Emma Newman

Do you like sci fi? Do you like Fantasy? Do you like books and the people what write them? Do you like Tea.. Cake.. delightful conversation.. dicing with death?? Then Tea and Jeopardy is the podcast for you. Emma Newman is a wonderful host and interviewer and her guests are always insightful and wily. Her butler though.. I'm not sure about him. 

Number 6: Switched on Pop

This is a podcast for people who really want to get to grips with pop music. I mean really understand it from a musical, historical and cultural perspective. Honestly, the episode about Justin Bieber nearly convinced me he was worth listening to. 

Number 7: You Must Remember This

A wonderful, in-depth podcast about the history of Hollywood. I started listening to it because Wil Wheaton recommended the Charles Manson 10-episode season of it. While that was a great listen, I am finding Karina Longworths dip into the history of the MGM studios fascinating. There's so much in it and I find myself needing to listen to an episode more than once to get it all. 

Number 8: The Allusionist

Do you like words?? Then you should listen to this podcast on the etymology of language. It is a joyous 20 minutes (max) into your earholes every fortnight.

Number 9: Geeks Without God

Friends of mine from my favourite US city, Minneapolis, host this weekly podcast about atheism and navigating the world, from work to parenting and godless geeks. They are frequently joined by fascinating guests (including this one time, me). You should listen, and answer their 5 (FIVE) questions. 

Number 10: Skeptics with a K

I've listened to a lot of skeptical podcasts over the years, but this is the one I have stuck with through thick and thin. I like it. I like the conversation, the research, the comedy, the Big Book of Facts. If you want a UK based skeptical podcast, I think this should be your go-to. They even have a Patreon account now.