Best of.. Films (July to December)

So the first half of 2015 was average, with May being a stand out month. How will the second half of 2015 fare?


We're fully into the summer blockbuster season now. Up First:

Terminator Genisys:

I like me some Terminator. I may have a Terminator made out of scrap metal on my desk at home. I appreciated some of the fan service in this, but I felt it took the story away from the central character (Sarah). I love the Story Arc given to Sarah over the course of the original films and the TV series (Do not get me started on my feelings about the Sarah Conner Chronicles, I may not stop). Not a terrible movie, but not one deserving of a place in the Terminator Pantheon. 


From the people that made Senna, we get a moving documentary about the life of Amy Winehouse. Well worth a watch, if only to remind you of her voice. That incredible voice. 

Magic Mike XXL:

I kind of liked the first one, and I am a true believer in Channing Tatum. Combine that with some epic dance sequences and this film is made for me. 

Song of the Sea: 

So very beautiful. Those lads in Kilkenny certainly know what they are about. If you are looking for a child appropriate film for the holiday season (and beyond), this is one of the best out there. 


I liked this film.. especially for the Thomas the Tank Engine scene. I know there was a lot wrong with it, but for me it was one of the better pop-corn movies of 2015.

Inside Out:

Oh this was beautiful. I adore this film. It got me right in the feels. As a 9 year old, I moved from Kerry to Tipperary, leaving behind all my friends. And I struggled so hard to fit in in the new place, but it took years for me to find my gang, and I've never really felt like that town was home. Inside Out brought back all of those feelings, all of those memories. It really really got me. 

The Legend of Barney Thompson:

A quirky dark Scottish comedy, bringing back memories of Shallow Grave. Not quite as good as SG or Trainspotting (which I re watched this year.. it's still ridiculously good) but a treat none-the-less.

Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation:

Fun, but nothing special.. better than Bond though..


July was a busy month, with quite a few good films. How does August compare?

Man From U.N.C.L.E.:

This film got unfairly panned by critics. It's a stylish joy to watch. It felt (in a good way) like a Sunday afternoon film. Again, If I was to choose between Bond and this, This would win every time.


Loved this film. I love romantic comedies and this was both romantic and a comedy.. a truly rare beast of a movie. Watch it. Love it.. fall in love with LeBron James. 


Onwards into the depths of Autumn. 

Me, Earl and the Dying Girl:

This is a ten tissue film. so very beautiful, funny, warm and heartbreaking. 

Ricki and the Flash:

Disappointing. Some good bits, but overall it was only ok. 


The film was average, but Tom Hardy is an acting god walking among us. 

The Martian:

This is one of my feel-good films of the Year. It was funny, the science was suspect but we'll give it a pass, the cast was reasonably diverse and the music was cheesily brilliant. Matt Damon was, as always, Matt Damon, but this time it was to the film's benefit. See it, if you haven't already. 


This year had quite a few good films going for it. We're nearing the end now though and the Oscar bait is starting to filter through. 


This film was brilliant, but I think needed to be a mini series.. or something like Downton Abbey. I needed more time with the characters, and I needed more characters, more lives. Still it was worth seeing on the big screen. 

Crimson Peak:

One of my favourites of the year. Oh this film, with its colours and its style and its Hiddleston and that scene when Mia Wasikowska sees the house for the first time and the fireplace and leaves swirling down and oh my gods this film was everything I needed it to be. 


The opposite of the above. It started so well with the opening sequence in Mexico and then it all just fell apart. I was bored throughout the whole thing. Q was probably the best thing in it, but that's damning it with faint praise. 


This was a great month for films.. the first of which is:


I cried. Saoirse Ronan is possibly the most talented actor working at the moment and that's saying something as we appear to be in a golden age of actors. This film is beautiful and precious and speaks to the soul of anyone who has left home and can't ever return again, because the home they've left no longer exists. It is a rare cinematic treat. Probably my number 1 film of the year. 

The Lady in the Van:

Funny in a very british dry way. By turns, self deprecating, sweet and then occasionally vicious. I spent the first third of the film not really getting it, but then suddenly I was there on that street with that lady in the van. 

The Dressmaker:

I really liked this film. I liked the turns it took and the central performances and the unexpected nature of it. It felt like a film that should have been made in the nineties. Which warmed me to it even more. 


This vies with Brooklyn for my number one spot. This is cinematic perfection and the characters just drew me in. I loved the cinematography. the music and the style of the film. Everything about it just worked. 

The Good Dinosaur:

Not anywhere near as good as inside out, but not a bad film in it's own right. I think it falls around the Bug's Life level of Pixar films. Mostly sweet with one or two gut punches.


Last month of the year.. we can do this. 


The best Holiday Film this year. I love the ending.. stay for the ending.. don't leave 2 minutes before the ending like half of the cinema I was in. The beginning and ending of this film are magic. 


A Sweet grandmother/granddaughter roadtrip in search of money for an abortion roadtrip film. Definitely worth a watch, but it's light fare and won't really stick in your brain for long. 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens:

I had to watch this film twice in order to properly appreciate it. It's a good film. The scenery is epic, particularly on Jakku. I have my thoughts and theories on everything, but will remain silent on them for now.