New Year.. New.. me?

So it's 2016.. How did that happen. If ever I needed confirmation that time is relative, it's in the speed by which the years run into each other. 

I'm not one for new year resolutions as I never stick to them (my one resolution this year was to cease buying funko pop vinyls.. that lasted a day.. I'm now the proud owner of an André the Giant figurine). But I feel this year that I have to make decisions. Last year I took it easy on the decision making, only really changing one major thing (my job). 

This year, I'm gonna work on the personal.  These are not so much resolutions, but more aspirations. 

I am unhappy with my general body shape and fitness level. It's gotten to a point where I am more often uncomfortable in my own skin than not. I hate this feeling, so I will endeavor to be better, eat better and do more exercise. Hopefully by the end of 2016 I will be happier in myself. 

I am too busy. There is so much I want to do, but I'm not organised enough out of work to give myself adequate time to do all the things I want to do. So I aim to be more organised this year. I have updated my calendar with all the essential things I'm doing up until July. I normally plan stuff way in advance, but I've never actually properly calendared it before. I have investigated orgnaisational tools and settled for now on Google Keep, though this may change. I looked at the bullet journal idea, but I don't carry a journal normally and I would never actually open it (I know me too well at this point). I'm adding in things I have promised to people (like newsletters etc) with a start point and due-by point. And hopefully this will allow me to be more productive..

I will take more photos. Last year I started taking a lot of photos and instagramming them. And I enjoy it. I like sharing my photos and it's a handy way of doing it (If you want to follow me, I'm @ickle_tayto on there). This year I'll take more. 

I will read more books. I've fallen out of reading and it's so hard to get back in. I've been struggling with the Copper Promise for weeks now and I still haven't finished it. I will cease buying more books until my TBR pile is significantly smaller. I will make exceptions for friend's books because they automatically make it to the top of my TBR pile. 

I think that will be enough for this year.