Nerding out like a fan

I have handed in my thesis and I have time on my hands. I am not yet as Masters of Science but soon it shall be mine. 

So I aim to blog more. More particularly I aim to blog about things that I am nerding out about. Things that, in the words of Pop Culture Happy Hour, make me happy.  And what's making me happy this week? Autumn/Fall TV. Old shows are back, new shows have started. I am awash with televisual delights. 

First up: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. : After last season's big reveal about the bad guys, and the the traitor within, the titular agents are in a bad way. Essentially vigilantes, hunted by both the US army and Hydra, the team are on the back foot from the first episode of season 2. 

The thing that worried me most about this season was (*spoiler alert*) the potential treatment of Grant Ward, the sleeper Hydra agent in the team. At the end of season 1 he was taken into custody and it felt like a ball might be dropped, that they might fast track a redemption arc for him. Now I have no real issue with a redemption arc, but it's one that should be earned. But the show, at least from the first few episodes, appears to be going a different route. Grant remains manipulative. He refuses to talk to any member of the team except Skye, essentially ensuring that she has to interact with him, on his terms. I'm interested to see how this plays out. 

Gotham: I was worried about Gotham. Everything I heard implied they were going to treat the TV show as if it was in the same universe as the Christopher Nolan films (which I do not like), but the first few episodes could have been in a prequel to the Tim Burton films and I have tumbled into it's rabbit hole. The characters are over the top, the storylines are intriguing and there is an openly bisexual character, which is remarkably refreshing. And the actor (Robin Lord Taylor) playing the Penguin is utterly captivating. 

The Originals: So it may be obvious that I like my nerd-dom melodramatic. And The Originals is nothing if not melodramatic. I watched the entire first season while I was off work with a nasty cold and I LOVED it. Elijah's smile alone would keep me coming back. But it's also utterly ridiculous and unapologetic about it. Season 2 just started and already the back stabbing has begun. 

I do love me some great terrible television.