All the geek things...

I may have a problem.. a teeny tiny addiction.. honestly.. It's not that bad.. I can stop anytime I want.. 

I might be addicted to buying the Funko Pop Vinyls.  It started innocently enough when I got a Superman Funko in a Lootcrate a little while back. I didn't even really get the appeal. But then I spotted a Maleficent in Easons, so I had to buy her.

And then I spotted a Gamora and Amy Farrah Fowler.. so I had no choice..

2015-06-30 18.43.17.jpg

And then I got some of the Star Wars ones..

And Sally and Harley Quinn and Cheetara and Catwoman and well now I have a collection..

And I was totally going to stop right there.. but then the Inside out characters got Vinyls.. and what's a girl supposed to do.. 

And I was totally going to stop right there.. but then the Inside out characters got Vinyls.. and what's a girl supposed to do.. 

Look at them!!! They are so ridiculously adorable.. I defy anyone not to buy these.  

Look at them!!! They are so ridiculously adorable.. I defy anyone not to buy these.  

I came to the realisation that that my inner Troll collector that has not collected trolls in 20 years never went away.. it was just hibernating, waiting for these little toys to come into my world.. 

Things that are making me happy this week: Cover Songs

I'm down the country hanging out in the parental abode, which limits my access to all things internet.. This is why this week's happy thoughts are delayed by a few days. 

This week I need those happy thoughts as the 'No to Equality' campaign in Ireland is ramping up it's anti-marriage equality horrorshow and the case brought against the Irish Government by survivors of symphysiotomy was dismissed from the High Court.. yay for this little country.. 

Anyway, to counteract the misery, I have been listening to music, more specifically to cover songs. Himself indoors is a fan of unusual cover songs and knowing my love for Uptown Funk (It's been stuck in my head for weeks and I am still not sick of it), he sent me a link to this version of it by Pomplamoose (if you have not heard of Pomplamoose, consider this your prompt to go and watch all of their tunes.. - fair warning, they are strange, but in a good way).

I spend a lot of time in the cinema, due to having the World of Cine annual pass. I do like me a good film (best film I've seen recently is the Spooks one staring Jon Snow - who knows some things in this film), but seeing more than one film a week does mean that I see so many bad ads, and I see them often. When a good, or at least not boring one, pops up, it is noticeable. There's one for Lynx out at the moment, that is not brilliant, but does contain this intriguing cover of Guns N' Roses Welcome to the Jungle that I am a small bit obsessed with. I probably shouldn't like it, but I do. The band is Novo Amor, and it's just mesmerising..  

That's mostly it from me this week, but I feel that I must leave you with this last piece of Irishness (awful sad.. that's right, that's right, that's right)

Things that make me happy:

 I've been quiet again. But I am going to aim to blog weekly. I'm taking a tip from the Pop Culture Happy Hour crew and every Thursday I will talk about what is making me happy this week. 

The first thing that's making me happy is this picture of me aged 2 or 3.. My dad found it amongst all his many photos and scanned it to me. I loved that Paddington Bear so much (The new Paddington filmwas really very good.. if you haven't seen it, you should.. it'll make you happy. 

Second thing on my list is The Rock.. I'm gonna be honest here. The Rock has been making me happy for a few weeks. Not just with his brief but wonderful appearance in Fast & Furious 7, but also because of this YoTube Video:

Gods I love that man...

I also moved house this week.. We're out of the horrible old apartment that needed serious renovation and redecorating and have moved into a beautiful apartment in town that's super stylish and relaxing and I love coming home to it. 

It's also very close to the Dance academy where my next happy making thing takes place. Barre Pilates.. 
Speaking as a person who has never ballet'd in my life, learning now is both hilarious and so hard. I have no co-ordination. But I feel brilliant after each class. Plus the pilates is helping to work muscles that have semi atrophied since my liver resection. It hurts.. but in a way I know is good for me. 

So that's it. My happy joy things for this week..