Things that make me happy:

 I've been quiet again. But I am going to aim to blog weekly. I'm taking a tip from the Pop Culture Happy Hour crew and every Thursday I will talk about what is making me happy this week. 

The first thing that's making me happy is this picture of me aged 2 or 3.. My dad found it amongst all his many photos and scanned it to me. I loved that Paddington Bear so much (The new Paddington filmwas really very good.. if you haven't seen it, you should.. it'll make you happy. 

Second thing on my list is The Rock.. I'm gonna be honest here. The Rock has been making me happy for a few weeks. Not just with his brief but wonderful appearance in Fast & Furious 7, but also because of this YoTube Video:

Gods I love that man...

I also moved house this week.. We're out of the horrible old apartment that needed serious renovation and redecorating and have moved into a beautiful apartment in town that's super stylish and relaxing and I love coming home to it. 

It's also very close to the Dance academy where my next happy making thing takes place. Barre Pilates.. 
Speaking as a person who has never ballet'd in my life, learning now is both hilarious and so hard. I have no co-ordination. But I feel brilliant after each class. Plus the pilates is helping to work muscles that have semi atrophied since my liver resection. It hurts.. but in a way I know is good for me. 

So that's it. My happy joy things for this week..