Well that was Octocon

My name is Ickle_tayto and I am a geek.. It has been two days since my last convention.

Some of you may be aware that I used to organise Octocon many moons ago, and once I stepped down from the organising committee, I remained somewhat involved in it through the dealer room and the Golden Blasters and the occasional talking on panels. As a result Octocon feels like my con in a way others don't. Don't get me wrong, CONvergence remains my top con to travel to, but Octocon is my home.

This Octocon I was hardly involved with at all. I wrote a few things for the booklet and moderated a few panels, but I got to sit back from the madness and stress that is organising. I am so impressed with everything this year. The panels were super interesting and different. Not just from previous years, but also from other cons.

And.. most importantly.. the Guest of Honour was Emma Newman, who's work I love. From the Split Worlds to Tea & Jeopardy, she adds sparkle to the world. I cannot wait for Planetfall to arrive on my generic e-reader device. 

Highlights for me include:

1) Meeting Adrian Tchaikovsky, whose books I have not yet read, but now that I have conversed with him at length about mythology I will get me forthwith to a book selling establishment and spend my upcoming paycheck on them.  

2) The Tea & Jeopardy live show, where I got cake and a front of house seat by virtue of being a member of the Order of the Sacred Teacup.. C.E. Murphy was a wonderful guest and all mention of curses shall be forgotten. 

3) The random rollplaying panel which started out oddly and got even more strange, who knew Emma "Bob" Newman had trained as a medic in the Congo and can charm certain snakes as a result.. 

Sadly, even extreme snake seducing skills could not prevent her or her fellow Bobs from becoming My Little Ponies.. 

Their expression says it all. 

4) The Under the Sea TimeTraveller's Ball. It was everything you could wish from a ball. Good music, good dancing, good people and bad wine. I may have given myself mild whiplash from the Bohemian Rhapsody-ing and the Sweet Child of Mine-ing..

5) The Fanfiction panel. I came away with so many things I need to read.. I had never even heard of DrApple fic before now. .

6) The Environmental Dystopia panel. This was utterly depressing, but at the same time a super interesting panel (at least from my perspective as the moderator). The world is changing and we are not prepared. 

7) Time out knitting with Emma, Peter & Danielle - I was reaching peak-people and so the opportunity to sit quietly in the corner of the closed dealer room knitting squares was bliss. 

8) Having the house to myself when I came home. I got to catch up on my terrible television and head to bed early. 

Well done to everyone involved in organising Octocon this year. You did an amazing job. 

I can't wait for next year and what the new Chair will do, but I think that everyone knows they're losing a Chair-in-a-Million with Gar stepping down..