Shamrokon.. and SCIENCE

I'm not dead.. 

and to prove it, I'm going to appear LIVE and ON PANELS at this year's Eurocon in Dublin.. 

Due to August being OH MY GODS HOW AM I GOING TO WRITE ALL OF THESE WORDS month (or thesis-writing month), I'm only going to be there on the Saturday.. 

The schedule is provisional atm but these are the panels they want me to talk on.. 
Number 1 : Science Fact: Tweets from Mars and Songs from Space..
I get to talk about Robots on Mars and the awesomeness of space.. I'm on the panel with 5 other people but I know everyone will be there to hear about me witter on about NASA JPL and their realisation that marketing isn't the worst thing in the world. 

Number 2: Science Fact: Wearable Tech..
Himself indoors is going to lend me his android watch this weekend so I will actually be able to talk about how they work with some degree of knowledge. Other people on this panel will know more than me.. I may have had a freak out about one of them.. maybe*.

Number 3: Science Fact: The Rosetta Spacecraft..
#wakeuprosetta I'm moderating this panel so I don't need to know anything. Which is great :) 

so much to science fact there. I can't wait to get talking about it. 

*This isn't like last year's CONvergence. I was on panels with super-awesome people**, but I didn't know who they were till afterwards, so no pre-panel jitters.. 

**Namely Emma Newman. If I'd read her books before CVG there's no way I'd have been that calm on the British Slang 101 panel. As it was, we got to bond over how weird american's find slang that's pretty common this side of the pond.